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New yoke bridge and yoke clamp for monitor arm bracket

Frank Schwaiger

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Hi there!

Some weeks ago I started to build a new CG-yoke for the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Flame series and the Ninja 7" versions. The thread is here.


While I was thinking I remembered my old wish for a new and better option to clamp my yoke to.


Here is what my precision mechanic and I designed:




On the top you see a yoke in the dimensions of a 7" Atomos monitor/recorder.

Below in purple there is the newly designed yoke clamp which makes it possible to rotate the yoke as far as the sled allows - and this very close to the bridge.

Below in green there is the newly designed bridge for the monitor arm coming from the sled. It clamps on standard 15mm rods. The distance of the rods can be everything you want beginning from 50mm. On the image you see a 70mm distance.


In some weeks I'll be able to show the prototypes.

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Below you will find my new Yoke Bridge with Yoke Clamp for any monitor arm!


On the pictures you'll find a version of the bridge which has a 70mm rod distance and is for 15mm rods. I can change change the rod distance to anything down to 50mm.


The advantage:

With this bridge and clamp you can rotate the monitor yoke very close to the monitor arm in every position you can imagine. Therefore you will never take off the monitor again when you switch from high- to low-mode. Just rotate it to the desired position. The clamp is rock solid because of it's huge contact area.


It came back from anodizing today, I tested and love it! Rock solid piece.


I can make the bridge and the clamp for 250€ if you are interested.














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Ideally, I want to gather some orders to make more pieces of the equipment.

I will start producing in 2-4 weeks depending on orders.

Producing will take 2 weeks as I do it in my spare time and anodizing takes another week because I am not doing it myself.

The more orders I have the more extra parts I can prepare for future orders.

The products are located in Germany.

Shipping to US will take 10-15 working days.

Shipping costs:

21€ without insurance but with tracking through DHL

38€ with 500€ insurance and tracking through DHL

Payment will be accepted through PayPal, fees will have to be paid by the customer.

Sorry that it will take some time. But I am just starting the business!

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