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Workshops, Money and Women Ops.

Kyle Gorjanc

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Hi guys! I'm Kyle (like the boy's name but I'm a lady). I'm NYC-based with 10 years in the business and 4 years in 600, now a 2nd AC. I've been lurking around the forums for a long time and reading a lot, watching videos, talking to people on set, and now I'm ready to start on the road toward becoming a steadi operator. I'm doing this if it kills me!


There's a Bronze workshop at Abel NY coming up in March, but I've had a couple people tell me it's more worth it for me to wait and take a Silver workshop if possible. A silver workshop is a lot more expensive, plus will likely require travel, and money is always A Thing for me. Is the extra day really really really THAT worth it? Isn't it just better to sign up for the thing I know I can afford and begin my journey rather than keep waiting?



On a different note, I have been lucky to work with awesome and very encouraging steadicam ops (and even 2nded for Larry this fall on a tier movie!) but I've yet to work with a woman steadi operator. I have to say I'm a little intimidated having only seen men do this thing I really want to do. If this message finds its way to any NYC based female steadi ops, could I maybe buy you coffee sometime and talk about the reality of being a woman on the job?


Coffee offer is also open for any NYC guys who want to let me practice with their rigs. :)

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Hi Kyle,



Welcome to this wonderful world (and to the business, apply other adjectives).

I think, almost everyone, when we decided to do the "JUMP", there are doubts, questions ..

In my case, I have taken some workshops, (including bronze), and each one is a great experience.

Also your "business plan" is important, you take the workshop,





-do you will buy your own rig?

-range of cameras do you want to "fly"?

-budget ??


it's just some things to analyze (many more things).

There are several incredible women operators, but in NY area, maybe you can contact KATERINA KALLERGIS,

( http://steadikat.com )


She is operator, also Steadicam instructor.

Sure she can share experience and great information


My 2 cents


All the best

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Thank you so so much, Nelson! I know OF Katerina... I'll reach out and see what she says!


And yes, the business plan is very much on my mind. At this stage I'm trying to be financially realistic.


Right now my plan is to start with a workshop and then look around for a used starter rig (there are enough posts on the forum about which one is best to start and blah blah). Then it's Practice Practice Practice. Bill Saxelby mentioned he had a weight cage and offered to let me practice with it, so I'd probably start by asking him about that, or someone else if that opportunity is gone.


Getting work is another story - I've always struggled as an assistant with asking people for work, but I've learned: just gotta suck it up and put the word out. I'm fully prepared to continue assisting for a long time until I feel comfortable and ready, and then it's gonna be a matter of doing favors and working on teeny tiny jobs for not enough money between AC gigs. Luckily I'm a marathon runner, and it's taught me the importance of putting the work in over a long haul!

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