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Mike Lemnitzer

Help/advice on removing EFP gimbal for repair

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So I have a modified EFP sled that I had rewired by Terry for HD and 12/24v last year. Came to the conclusion my gimbal needs to be re-centered so I brought it to Robert Luna. He needs the gimbal off the post so he can work on it. I futzed around with it and realized I have no way of removing the gimbal off the sled. There's no break point in the cable line anywhere between my top stage and bottom stage. It's a wrapped bundle from top to bottom. My thoughts are I have two, maybe three options:


1. Bring the sled back to Terry and create a break point

2. Disconnect/cut the cables somewhere, get the gimbal fixed, then reconnect cables/Terry creates a break point wherever I cut cables.

3. If I can't just add a break in the line, have Terry disconnect, Luna fixes the gimbal, then Terry reconnects everything (basically I don't take any chances doing it myself and causing horrible, horrible damage).


Is there something else I can do? Someone else who can shim my gimbal while it's still on the post? Save me from this cruel fate? I've attached three photos sort of showing the cable.


My set up:

MKV carbon fiber 2 stage post

EFP gimbal

EFP top stage

EFP/modified battery rack


Any help is greatly appreciated. I really want to get this sled up and running at 100% again soon!



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The Solution it's to cut at some point the power/video cable that run into the center post and re-wire the lower junction box adding 2 lemo connectors for a quick unplug. Basically your point n.2!

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I managed it to disassemble the gimbal without cutting the cable. The connectors at the lower end are small enough to fit through the hole in the post.

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