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Johnathan Holmes

Preston Light Ranger 2 VOU Cheese Plate

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Hello Light Ranger 2 users!


The wait is finally over.

Newly designed cheese plates for the Light Ranger 2 VOU are now available. These cheese plates follow the proven design of the MDR cheese plates designed by Kar Wai Ng. Now you can attach and fix a CineLock to your VOU to mount it on the camera, on the focus monitor, or just about anywhere. This is one of the most versatile and simple cheese plate designs on the market. Just ask anyone with a Kar Wai MDR cheese plate!


These plates were designed in collaboration with Engineered Cinema Solutions, in Canada.


They are available for sale for $145 CAD, or about $120 USD.


You can purchase them now at Engineered Cinema Solutions or FilmFrog Media!


Pair your VOU with a P-Tap VOU Splitter cable, and simultaneously power your VOU and HD Video Receiver (Teradek, Boxx) from a single P-Tap outlet on your focus monitor! This cable is assembled in Canada and available in different configurations starting at $200 CAD, or about $165 USD.






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