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I'm selling a steadicam scout kit

bought it for a single project,i don't need it anymore.


used for one month...




located in switzerland



  • Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) w/removable base
  • Telescoping Centerpost (18.5-32in/47-81cm) with large-diameter Delrin knurled Gimbal handle
  • Active Matrix 16:9 / 4:3 Color LCD HD monitor
    5lb. to 18lb. Camera Capacity Iso-Elastic Arm
  • Lightweight Vest
    Battery Mount IDX V- mount
  • Docking Bracket
  • 12V Power Cable
  • 3 ft. light weight BNC video cable
  • Dovetail Plate
  • 5/32" T-Handle Allen Wrench
  • Hard case



3750 USD OBO plus shipping


paypal (plus paypal fee) bank wirementpost-18764-0-98260600-1517153040_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-72803300-1517153042_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-38081200-1517153045_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-79413100-1517153047_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-27849300-1517153050_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-09384600-1517153053_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-52551300-1517153055_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-99108000-1517153057_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-95628400-1517153060_thumb.jpgpost-18764-0-71469400-1517153062_thumb.jpg

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