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Karsten Jaeger

G50 x upgraded - lockout when boomed up

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i dont use my x upgraded G50 a lot but i keep it as a nice lightweight and higher boomrange option to my Pro arm.

a few weeks ago i used it for the first time since months (maybe about a year) and experienced that it is locking out very hard when completely boomed up. -so hard that i had to push the arm segment(s) back by hand.

i remember that it always had a lockout issue i am just wondering if it got worse or if i am just used to the Pro arm now, what doesn't do this entirely.


(had this arm for inspection and maintanance at Tiffen Pinewood 1 or two years ago i think)


anybody here with an G50 oder G50x wanting to share his/here experience?

It would be highly appreciated :)





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What vest are you using? If conventional front-mount, it could be too much iso in the first section. Dial the ride knob in a few turns to see if that helps—forgive me if you've already tried that! Another possibility is that you are leaning back when booming up. The greater range you admire makes the arm more sensitive to its mounting angle. It's fairly common, though not advisable, to lean back slightly when booming up, and that can cause the arm to lock up, so check yourself in a mirror. Certainly, the arm shouldn't behave like that.


All the best,



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