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M1 Gimbal Adapter GPI Pro Sled

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Im Thinking about buying the Steadicam Volt M1 Horizon Assist.

The problem is ,that Im a GPI Pro owner, and i dont want to Buy a new ( and Heavier ) Sled.


My Idea was to Buy the M1Volt and the M1 Gimbal.


The diameter of the M1 is bigger than the Pro ( with 1,5")


Does anybody know any kind of adapter to use the M1 Gimbal on my post ?


Thanks for your answers.




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I suppose you could make a spacer of sorts in the M1 gimbal, but I would be worried about slippage. It would also be a very small spacer (.06 of an inch). Certainly an interesting idea. Perhaps you could find someone with an older backup gimbal for 1.56" post to try it with?

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