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Chris Haarhoff

Great Western Steadicam Workshop

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I usually dont venture beyond the General Discussion, so I thought that maybe I should place the link to the GWSW a little more front and center.


See: www.gwsteadicam.com




This is to announce the Great Western Steadicam Workshop taking place in Los angeles from the 19th March to 23rd March. This will be a Beginners Class, with some Intermediate elements. We held a similar Class in 2015 which was very successful. It was led by myself, Chris Haarhoff and the Instructors included Andrew Rowlands, George Billinger, Dave Emmerichs and Henry Tirl.

This years Instructor line up will also be A-list Steadicam Operators/Instructors that will bring many decades worth of experience to our students. Upon completing the workshop, students will have all the necessary tools to develop a solid path forward.

It will be held at Paramount Ranch and the King Gillette Ranch in Los Angeles where we can accomplish a full curriculum and an intense daily program.

We expect a class of 24 students with six instructors in attendance. We already have a number of students committed, so respond as soon as you can.

If you are interested in attending I would welcome either an email at chrishaarhoff@gmail.com or a call at 310-339-6030.

I invite you to visit www.gwsteadicam.com for all the information you may need.

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This is a reply to my own topic, but as we are exactly a week out from the beginning of the Great Western Steadicam Workshop I just want to update all that are interested. The final group of instructors will be myself Chris Haarhoff, Andrew Rowlands, Henry Tirl, Kirk Gardner, Jessica Lopez and Andrew Ansnick. There will be a few visiting operators that will address particular shots/techniques as well.


As of now we are almost full, but we have lost a few students due to evolving work schedules, so if you are interested or if you know somebody that might be workshop hungry, this would be a great time to sign up.


For information go to www.gwsteadicam.com


My contact info is chrishaarhoff@gmail.com, and 310-339-6030

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