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Anton Bauer pass through plate

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Had a strange thing happen the other day using the Anton Bauer plate on the back of a red to power the camera from my PRO. It was a Panavised Red with their power back and only one of the lights would turn on and the camera wouldnt power up. Volt meter was getting 14.8 volts from the sled through the plate and a dionic straight to the camera worked fine. Strange ghost in the machine as Ive used that plate countless times in the past. Tried different cables and even differ jumper block below. Any thought on why? Again, getting lots of power from the plate with a volt meter.

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There could be a a short somewhere that you can only detect when connected to the camera's chassis. That, or maybe you have a bad diode or other component that is showing the correct voltage but can't pass enough current to start the camera.

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Contact Carmine in Italy

Hi skilled electronic engineer.he does Arri, Red repair, and steady,follow focus, cables build and repair....


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