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Frank Schwaiger

Monitor Yoke as you like it

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Hi Guys,


since I produce a monitor yoke for the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno / Flame I thought I can also make different ones for you if you need one for a monitor with threads on the sides.


If you tell me the dimensions, I'll be able to make them for you with threads where you want them also fitting ones for my monitor bridge with clamp.


I already have one for the SmallHD702 but could easily do some for your monitors.


What I need:


- width of the monitor / meaning the distance of the 1/4"-20 threads on it's sides

- distances from top AND bottom of the monitor to the middle of the 1/4"-20 threads on the sides

- space you want between monitor and yoke at the bottom. I would go with at least 15mm. If you want to attach a V-mount battery on the back or a spirit level on top/bottom of the unit you may need more.








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And I need one more info:


Which threads do you need where on the bottom plate of the yoke?


Pricing will be around 110€ to 150€ excluding VAT depending on the size.


All will be made in Germany out of high-strength aluminum, anodized black


producing will take 3 weeks, shipping depends on where you are and what customs do to you :)

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