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Modulus 3000 Wireless UHF in as NEW Condition

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A complete modulus production kit in as NEW condition.

$400 USD



The Modulus 3000 is still one of the most powerful and effective miniature UHF standard def (NTSC / PAL) video transmitters on the market.
The Modulus 3000 is small enough to hang, strap or velcro practically anywhere on or around the camera.
Synthesized tuning allows each unit to switch externally with the turn of a dial to any UHF channel from 14 to 69.

Multiple units can work together anywhere in the world without interference.
The Modulus 3000 features Composite 1V / 75 ohm,
Channel Frequencies: UHF USA CH 2-69,
Dimensions: 3.2"x2.2"x1.5" Weight: less than 8 oz.
Power Input: 10-28 Vdc@ 1.2A (450mA nomimal),
Power Consumption Transmitter: up to 400 mA,
Power Connectors: Hirose 6pin,
Transmits: through residential walls, floors, ceilings or crowds without picture interuption. Range: 300m (1000ft) line of sight.







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