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Matthew Wakai

Pro gimbal issue

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Hi Everyone,

Having issues with my Pro gimbal, bought it close to a year ago and used it on a 7 month job and it was all great. Last location was really dusty so Ive just given my whole rig a clean.

Pulled apart the gimbal and followed instructions on the video from the GPI Pro website, I used a different oil though as I couldnt get ahold of arri oil.

I used Trinity Perpetual Motion Ultra


Lightweight motor bearing oil



Seems to be an ok substitute. I think...


Anyway Ive set everything up as I want to make sure everythings in good nick for the next job that starts beginning of April. I got it all into static and dynamic balance, had it spinning flat on the post until I stopped it after a couple of minutes, I thought it was all good, but I gave it a quick shake just to make sure nothing was loose, afterwards the camera tilted quite a lot, cant remember if it was up or down as it does both depending on the shake... I spent the rest of the day pulling everything apart and adjusting my db2 like in the tutorial video, and did the same with the battery hanger, still the same result. Ive balanced both directions and its fine, but then as soon as I give it a tilt either direction past say 45 degrees, I let it hang again and it sits tilted up or down. Pretty sure it wasnt like this on the last show.


Couple of things Im unclear of... When cleaning and oiling the two bearings in the yolk (under the trunnion cap), I noticed one of the screws holding it in place was loose and the plastic washer beneath it was off center, I put the washer roughly back in center and finger tightened that screw, the other side was already tight. Im wondering are they supposed to be loose or tight? I also noticed the trunnion cap when tightened by hand, seem to rub against the screws, is that normal? Should the trunnion caps be loose??


Also, I know a little play around the pan assembly is normal, but just wondering how much is normal? Couple of millimeters?


Im going to talk to Pro but theyre not in the office till Monday I think so just wanted to check if anyone might have any ideas whats going on?


Thanks in advance for any advice!



Matthew Wakai

Camera / Steadicam Operator

Hong Kong / China

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Thanks Jens,

Yes definately will get in touch with Jack on Monday.

Just wondering, do your tilt bearing screws grind against your trunnion caps? (Hope thats no too personal of a question 😅)

I noticed marks on the inside of my caps where they rub, one side is more prominent than the other. When putting the caps back on after cleaning, I noticed they start to rub and slow the spin of the pan bearing housing, even though the caps are still loose to the point that they can be very easily turned by hand either way. I didnt remove the tilt bearings during cleaning.

Sorry I know these are all questions Jack can answer but knowing I have a bit of a deadline to sort this out, this is basically consuming my weekend...

Thanks again



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I don't believe that the end caps should touch the screw heads


That's what i suspected... I'll see what Jack says tomorrow, hopefully theres an easy solution.

Thanks again Jens!

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