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Jay Clennan

Arri Trinity for sale

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I am reluctantly selling my beloved Arri Trinity due to some current financial issues. It is an upgrade for the Artemis sled that I have but would really like to keep it. If not I can replace.


The Trinity upgrade package includes:


1 ARRI K0.0012293 TRINITY UPGRADE 3B 2.5” Gold Mount Pro set:

This kit includes: Upgrade Bundle/3B-2.5

Trinity Joystick/Monitor Mount
Starlite HD5-Arri OLED Monitor 5”

3-Trinity Battery Mount/gold Mount

Trinity PWR/Lemo B 4pin-1B 4pin

Trinity PWR/Lemo 1S 3pin-1B 4pin

Trinity External Power Cable


And was $50,500 new 6 months ago


The Artemis Sled package Includes:


1-ARRI K0012259 CINE BROADCAST 1.8” Pro set gold mount:

This kit includes the following:

Artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8” Anton Bauer
Artemis Docking Bracket/ 1.8”

Artemis Camera Plate 8” Post Tool 1.5/1.8”
2mm hex key
1.5mm hex key

Cam Power/Cine/24V/Arri
Cam Power/Cine/12V HiCap/ Alexa

Monitor Bracket 6” 140mm rods 1.5 Clamp

Monitor power/12V/2 pin Lemo

2-BNC video Cable/HD SDI/ 4.5 GHz x2


And was $23,750 new 6 months ago


some extras include:


1 ARRI K2.0014907 QL Camera Plate Long Trinity $360.00

1 ARRI K2.0014264 Post Extension 8.5”/1.8” $1900.00

1ARRI K2.0010565 Cam Power/cine/12V HiCap/ Mini $250.00

1ARRI K2.0010472 Cam Power/Cine/12V HiCap/RED $270.00

1ARRI K2.0014805 Main Cable Joystick $770.00


1-1615 Pelican Air Case with foam inserts $385.00
1-SKU 3I-2317-14B-E had case with foam $335.00










I love this rig and so will you. I will be getting a new one once this storm has passed. Located in Vancouver BC any reasonable offer will be considered.


contact me at jayclennan@gmail.com or 604-765-3621 message me here.










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