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Transvideo International booth # C 7806 in the Central Hall and check-out Transvideo latest innovations in the field of monitoring, at show prices.

New 8" Cinemonitor X-SBL (V2), (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions, 2000 to 2500 NITS depending on what publication you read…), hi-contrast and the latest Anti-glare coating.

Designed for body-rig Operators the 6" and 8" X-SBLs include the digital horizon2 with inertia compensation and shock analyzer. In addition, they are Horizon3 ready - ready to use with the wireless external/remote sensor.


Go to our website for a complete description of the CinemonitorHD family, a comparison of the 6" vs. 8" V2 XSBL including the complete range of brackets and cables: www.transvideointl.com


The 8" X-SBL (V1) can be updated to V2 but it requires a return to the factory in France as it is very comprehensive. The cost is 850 Euros (about USD 1085), turn around 2 to 3 weeks (5 days each way + 1 week at the factory). Maybe if enough people ask that the update is performed in the USA the factory will approve it...


A map to locate our booth C7806 is attached.


See you all there!


Marianne Exbrayat.



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Hey Jens,


I bought two transvideo monitors from Marianne USA Transvideo and I have to say I'm rather disappointed.


The xSBL 6inch cinemonitor (New latest model) has a pixel out and no response from either Marianne or transvideo france.


And the StarliteHD V2 (New Latest Model) was replaced with a new one which the first one had break up on the SDI signal and software glitches and now the replacement one is far more green in colour than the original still loaded with software bugs.


Where is the famous Transvideo service and attention to detail?


Nowhere in my case! very disappointed.


my 2 cents


Pete (insert sad face here.....)

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Two separate issues.

StarliteHD V2: there was indeed a problem of image refreshment on a few of the first V2. Yours was one of them. I replaced it at no charge and paid for the freight to Australia. Then some Operators found the image too green. A new software release fixed this as I emailed you a month or so ago. Since them we have had no negative feed back. I will email you the latest software when I am back in Los Angeles this week end.



We check the displays with solid colors. Please send me photos with solid red, solid green, solid blue and no video at all. We normally accept one pixel black or white. Other manufacturers specs accept several pixels on. To replace your display we need to change the front housing, optical glass and front housing. The factory has been out of displays until September. Please email me the photos so we can look at them. If it is black it could be a speckle of dust stuck in the backlight.


I am sorry you are not happy with the equipment.

Let me know if you want to return both for restock.


Best regards

Marianne Exbrayat


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Hi Marianne,


Thanks for finally getting back to me shame it had to be on the forum would have been easier to just answer my emails direct.


Regarding the two separate issues.


StarliteHD V2: Yes you replaced the first StrarliteV2 and paid one way for the replacement and I paid for the return of the faulty one you'd think when you buy a monitor the software would work out of the box? I'd like to try the new software and hoping it will finally work as the build quality of the monitor is great but it's no cheap monitor.

6 XSBL: I've already emailed you pictures of the pixels out which are in a small cluster & you haven't replied. As for your comment about accepting pixels out I disagree and If you had told me before I bought the monitor I wouldn't have bought it. I've owned 4 transvideo monitors and have never had a pixel out? so I'm surprised you say that is acceptable. I'm sure if you had spent so much on an investment which is very high end you yourself you would be disappointed is that a fair comment? I'll send though your suggestion to take pictures of solid red, solid green, solid blue and no video at all but I'm a working steadicam Op using your gear everyday and have not much time to spare checking something which should really be checked by transvideo before point of sale.


I've always had a great relationship with Transvideo so please don't make me feel like I should accept second best.


In future I know you are busy but could you please email me back instead of me chasing you for an answer.




Peter Barta

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I did answer your email about the StarliteHD V2 shortly after receiving it.

The first StarliteHD V2 were delivered under tremendous pressure from everyone and yes there was some issues with the software that I was made aware of after shipping yours. My office checked your monitor with an HD format where the problem did not appear.

As you know our office deposit on orders is only $100 to avoid this type of pressure. I usually like to do extensive testing of new softwares before shipping but the pressure from customers was too great this time.


Our office does not set the quality standards, the factory does.

I have asked you for photos to figure out what is going on with the 6 xsbl. You talked about 1 pixel now it is a cluster. That is hardly the same.

I cannot fix the display. I can only look at the issue and offer a replacement or a refund as I did and then take it up with the factory. If there is a loss my office absorbs it.


You are correct with over 200 emails a day everyonce in a while 1 falls through the cracks. Maybe a simple resend of your email could do.

I am not sure why the Forum system does not inform me of your reply or original post. It was forwarded to me.

I am out of the country until this week end.

Lets resolve this by direct emails as I only check the Forum periodically.


Best regards,


Marianne Exbrayat


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