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Katy Most

Steadicam Archer2 Full kit with all the bells and whistles

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Tiffen Steadicam Archer 2 Full Kit with all the bells and whistles is turn key and ready to go - Location: Los Angeles
It was a blessing to know and be part of the Steadicam community!
But due to my recent injuries resulting from a car accident, I have to separate from my beloved Steadicam kit.
I put my love and care into building and working with my kit. And now it’s time to find the right home for it.
This Tiffen Archer2 Steadicam kit with all the bells and whistles is turn key and ready to go. It can be utilized for any production.
Please find, below, the description of what the kit includes.
CASE A: Sled Case


  1. HPRC 2760W Sled Case with Customer cut foam by Innerspacecases.com
  2. Steadicam: Archer 2 SE Steadicam Tilt Motorized Sled with the HD Marshall Monitor
  3. Steadicam Motorized Sled Gimbal remote
  4. Allen 1/4 wrench to adjust the Steadicam vest
  5. Low Mode Kit (F-bracket and Handle Clamp) with 2 custom made extensions to go lower to the ground
  6. Tiffen Steadicam Arm rain cover
  7. Jerry Hill Standby Cover
  8. WHM-BG artificial horizon module
  9. 4 x Steadicam weights and attachments
  10. Additional Battery V-mount plate that goes underneath the sled
  11. Sos Plate
  12. Long Plate
  13. Longplate with spacers made by Peter Abraham
CASE B: Arm and Vest Case


  1. Walter Classen Case
  2. Arm carrying bag
  3. Tiffen LX Vest
  4. Tiffen G-50 arm
  5. Monopod with custom-made Docking bracket
  6. #GAD1/HBBF quick released Docking plate GAD 1" /HBBF, .500 Balance Studs with #DR1-1.495" DR1-1.495" I.D. for Archer Top and Bottom Post
  7. Tiffen Steadicam Docking/Dynamic balance Bracket

CASE C: Batteries Case

  1. HPRC 2700 Case
  2. 2 x IDX Battery charges
  3. 8 x IDX Endura 96Wh Li-Ion V-mount Batteries
CASE D: Tiffen Vehicle Mount


  1. A&J Case
  2. Tiffen Vehicle Mount: "High Hat" vehicle mount with 2x Archer socket block. Regular or goofy mounting. Easy to attach to plywood. Bridge detaches for mounting to vertical speed rail, Comes with U-bolts and screws
  3. Falltech Safety Belt
CASE E: Accessories Case
Bucket Boss 66018 Pro Racer 18 with All-Terrain Bottom:


  1. Pelican Micro Case 1060 with Decimator design Version 2 (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI Down-Converter, AC Power adapter, Anton Power D-Tap to decimator cable,
  2. 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods: 2 x 8 inch and 2 x 4inch
  3. 2 x Accessory/Cable pouch
  4. Jerry Hill 2-N-1 Motor Mount for Arri cameras rods
  5. Jerry Hill #SR35 Square to Round 15mm, 3.5" long Iris Rod
  6. Jerry Hill #SR7 Square to Round 15mm, 7" long Iris Rod
  7. Media Blackout Intersex Plate (is the world’s first Gold Mount and V-Lock battery plate coupler. The plate mates with a Gold mount via its T-Studs which fit more snugly than the OEM Anton/Bauer studs, so there is no wiggle when mounted to a gold mount plate).
  8. Blueshape V-mount Plate with Gold Mount Adapter (takes any piece of gear that accepts Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries and converts the battery plate to accept V-Mount Batteries, It also adds a D-Tap connection on the plate)
  9. IDX Endura V-mount Plate with 4 Pin XLR Male connector and D-tap input (Designed to mount on any V-Mount plate and accept power through an industry standard male 4-pin XLR. The NBV-XLR allows you to power your equipment off of a large 12V battery block or 12V AC power supply. A D-Tap allows you to power onboard accessories as well).
  10. Jerry Hill Arri BPA-1 Alexa Plate Adapter
  11. Rod mount 15mm to 19mm adapter/riser
  12. String: adds stiffness to any Steadicam sled for the price of a piece of string
  13. Cable, Archer Lemo 3 Pin Male to 4x D-Tap Breakout 12V and 2 Pin Female Lemo
  14. Cable, 8 Pin Lemo to Angles 4 Pin XLR Female and BNC
  15. 3 x Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Angled 4 Pin XLR Female power cable
  16. Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Arri Amira/Arri Mini 24V
  17. Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Arri Alexa 12V
  18. Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Arri Alexa 24V
  19. Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Red Epic 12V
  20. Cable, Archer 3 Pin Lemo Male to Red One 12V
  21. Cable, 8 Pin Lemo Male to 8 Pin Lemo Male 12V monitor
  22. Cable, 1 to 4x D-Tap Socket Splitter
  23. Cable, 4 Pin Lemo Male to 4x D-Tap Socket Splitter
  24. Cable, 2 Pin Lemo Male to 4 Pin XLR Male
  25. Cable, 2 Pin Lemo Male to Angled 4 Pin XLR Female
  26. Cable, Fisher 6 Pin Male to 4 Pin XLR Male
  27. Cable, SMB to BNC x 1
  28. 10 x Cable, BNC to BNC: Different length and thickness cables
  29. Extra cables
  30. HDMI Cables with the (cameraessentials.com) cable pouch

CASE F: Wireless Case:

BucketBoss Bag:
BFD Bartech Wireless Follow Focus with HPRC 2250 case:
  1. Bartech Transmitter (hand unit)
  2. Bartech Receiver/amplifier
  3. Heden Digital Servo Motor M-1
  4. Motor bracket
  5. Pouch with the 5 snap-on gears for the Heden Motor: Modules 1, 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4
  6. Pouch with the Inserts for the Heden Motor: For 19/15mm and 5/8’ rods
  7. Pouch with the Bartech Receiver Power Cables to Camera or Stabilizer:
  8. 3005 2pin lemo BFD Receiver to EFP/PRO/IIIA Stabilizer 4-pin Power Cable
  9. 3040 2pin lemo BFD Receiver to ARRI 11-pin (BL/SR/35-II)I Power Cable
  10. 3035 A/B PTap to 2pin lemo BFD 12V
  11. Pouch with the Bartech Camera Run/Stop cables:
  12. 5010 BFD Receiver to RED One
  13. 6023 BFD Receiver to Panavision
  14. Pouch with the miscellaneous cables:
  15. Bartech Receiver to Motor cables: 6112 M-One, Heden ''P'' 5pin, SLD-100
  16. Bartech PRO Sled to BFD Receiver Mounting Bracket extra antenna
  17. Bartech Gimbal mount hard wire focus module (plugs directly into receiver module)
  18. Remote Focus Rain Cover(cameraessentials.com)
  19. Clip-On Neck Strap
Teradek Bolt 930 Pro 300 TX/RX SDI/HDMI Wireless Video set with HPRC 2220 case:
  1. Bolt Pro 300 Transmitter
  2. Bolt Pro 300 Receiver
  3. 3x BIT 118 2pin Lemo to PTap 18in Cable
  4. Power cable
  5. 2x BNC short cable
  6. 2x Noga Arms
Odyssey 7 Convergent Design Directors Monitor with HPRC 2250 case:
  1. Odyssey 7 Convergent Design monitor S/N: 21-00157 with Nebtek IDX V-mount battery plate
  2. Nebtek hand hold mount for the Odyssey 7 monitor with 2 bolts
  3. Nebtek table/c-stand mount and for the Odyssey 7 monitor with 2 bolts
  4. Nebtek sun hood for the Odyssey 7 monitor with 2 bolts
  5. AC Charger for the Odyssey 7 monitor
  6. Oddysey 7 monitor cable to Lemo 3 pin cable (to use on Archer sled instead of HD Marshall monitor)
  7. Seconic pouch holder:
  8. 2 x Convergent Design Premium SSD Media 256GB card
  9. Convergent Design Kwi Card Reader for Premium SSD Media card with USB cable
Steadicam Cart:


  1. Inovativ Scout 37 Cart Size
  2. Inovativ Steadicam System for Scout 37
  3. Inovativ Scout 37 Cart Travel Bag
  4. Bungee Cords
  5. Steadicam Level



  1. Steadicam camera cage: Weight cage-one 11lb plate; one 6.5lb plate; 4 8.5" rods and accompanying screws to make a cage
  2. Archer Thermodyne Case (could fit the whole rig, vest, arm and extra accessories when need to travel with few cases)
  3. 7" 700 NIT LCD composite monitor
  4. Director’s monitor analog transmitter/receiver case:
  • Modulus SD Video Link Rx with antenna and power cable
  • TFL SD Video Monitor with build inTx and battery plate and AC power cable and D-Tap power cable
  • Steadicam SD Video Monitor

The kit is valued at $70K. I’m ready to sell it for the $45K firm, local pickup in Los Angeles is preferable.


All the detailed pictures can be found through this dropbox link, too many pictures to fit in this post: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v64znba33uuvo3q/AAAiY7M5QQ5UUPi7616qCSaha?dl=0


If interested, PM Me at katy.mostfilms@gmail.com



















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