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Ramon Engle

Phantom camera cables

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Anyone familiar with Phantom power cables and remote on off interface cables? Not exactly sure model im using but im assuming the recent versions are similar. Maybe I shouldnt assume.



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The Flex4k has a different power connector than the new VEO series. Here's a link to my PRO/Flex4K cable. The VEO has a different power connector (you can actually use 2 different connectors on these cameras)....Also, since the VEO is so small (smaller than a Mini), you might want to use an on board battery at the back if you have a power box attached to it.





As for on/off : if you are using Iphantom, let the phantom tech use that technology (micro router on camera linked to an ipad) . There is a possibility to use triggers from BNC or 3 pins arri RS connector on the flex 4k. VEO is triggered by BNC or again Iphantom thru router. Or if you have a Mini bob breaker box, you will have BNC triggers. Lots of config . Maybe too many actually.... Good luck.

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