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Tony DeGennaro

Private Instruction for Steadicam Merlin Setup?

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I am an amateur film maker. I film an online YouTube series, certainly nothing special! However, I recently purchased a Steadicam Merlin 2 on eBay just to improve the production of my series. The device looks incredible! However, I am totally unable to set it up properly by myself (I've tried for weeks but just can't get it quite right).

I would be more than happy to pay an instructor to set it up for me with my camera - does such a service like that exist? (For reference, I live in Philadelphia).

I see that there are Steadicam workshops in Downingtown, which is right down the street from me. I would like to attend one of those, but my concern would be that the workshops would focus exclusively on the larger, more professional Steadicams as opposed to my Steadicam Merlin 2 (not to mention I don't think I can afford the pricetag of the workshops unfortunately).

Does anyone have any suggestions for me or know of any professionals who would be willing to set it up for me? (Or heck, I'd even pay someone in this forum who knows what they're doing - as opposed to a newbie like me - to set it up for me! Haha).

Thank you very much everyone! Have a great day.


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Hi Tony!


I’m in LA and wouldn’t be able to one on one with you, but wanted to direct you to You Tube. Probably a valuable source of beginning info to start with, while you’re waiting to figure out a training situation! Why I would even bet, if all else fails you could maybe FaceTime your hero operator and possibly figure everything out!


Congratulations on your Steadicam purchase! Have fun!



Bud K

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Hi Tony - did you consult the manual?




What camera are you trying to mount on it, and is it within the Merlin's range?


Smaller rigs can be finicky, especially if something (anything) on the top stage isn't buttoned down. If you've got a loose camera strap or cables, you're not going to have much luck...

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