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Pete Barta


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This is the final version of the Omega AR2 , all in one system. No more separate sensor box, etc. It's spot on accurate and can handle any camera you can fit into the cage including full size film cameras, Alexas, etc. Since this version is self contained, it is not limited to MK-V rigs and can be used on any Steadicam rig that accepts a regular standard Steadicam dovetail plate and can supply 24volt power for the cage from the sled. It has the ability for roll control via a wireless App as well as mimic'ing the iPhone *eg.for stunt work on the roll axis.

System comes with:

* Omega AR2 Cage.

* Side to side adjustable camera plate.

* Cable Routing Brackets.

* Wireless Remote.

* Two Omega Cage Power cables (MK-V rig lemo on the end but can be redone for any rig).

* HD Swivel Monitor Arm (New)

* Two Long, Super Thin BNC video cable.

* Two Cage Motor cables plus a spare system

* Two Cage Motor Belt.

* Pelican Case for all.

There is no rig included in this sale but I would be interested in selling my MKV Nexus rig if anyone was interested in a package deal.

Selling price of $23,500 US or $19,000 Euro

Buyer is responsible for shipping.

Serious buyers only please.

Email only to: petebarta at mac.com







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