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John Dewberry

Fried HDMI Port

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I could use some electronic guidance here. I have an a7s ii and monitor both powered from dummy batteries going to an AB multi tap connected to a v-mount battery. The hdmi port stopped working on both the camera and monitor and I can't figure out what caused the issue. I'm starting to suspect that the micro to full size hdmi pigtail I was using is the cause, but I'm not positive.


Excuse the truly terrible photo.


Is there something I can do electronically to prevent this from happening again?

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I added a photo but it didn't show up for some reason.


I'll try to be more clear.


Power Distribution:

V-Mount Battery -> Anton Bauer PTap Multi -->

--> NP-FW50 Regulated Dummy Battery -> a7s ii

--> LP-E6 Regulated Dummy Battery -> SHD 502



a7s ii --> Micro HDMI to Full Pigtail --> Full HDMI to Full --> SHD 502



Somehow the HDMI port on both my camera and monitor got shorted out so neither one of them work. I had to send them both in for service. The problem is I can't figure out what on earth I did to cause it. I was on a shoot where it was working and suddenly it stopped. I tried replacing the hdmi cable and pigtail but the damage had already been done.


Any guesses what I did to cause the short?

Any solutions that I can do to prevent it?

Could the same issue have happened if the camera and monitor were using local batteries?

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