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BOXX ATOM Transmitter W/ 2 BOXX ATOM receivers For Sale

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I purchased this Boxx Atom HD Transmitter and TWO Boxx Atom Receivers last year-


The Boxx Atom Transmitter is smaller and lighter than the Terradek 3000 or Paralinx- The Boxx Atom is built stronger and has a noticeably more robust signal- "Flawless" is the word. Boxx solved its roaming channel problems from their previous Boxx Meridian Models by designing the New Boxx Atoms with NINE programable channels- Once you chose a channel -the transmitters and the receivers lock on to it- Channel 1 is designed for spot-on clarity within shorter distances --channel 2 for longer and so on until you reach Channel 9- which gives you distances capable for use on drones or car chases.


This Kit includes the(AT-01S) ATOM Transmitter- with NINE CHANNELS- with two adjustable antennas , a lite- weight adjust camera mount, Boxx BNC to BNC Video cable, and several power cable configuration - power from Arri 2 pin lemo- power from a 4 pin Lemo ( fits most Steadicam Sleds)- power from a ANTON Ptap, and Power from a 4pin XLR. comes padded wrap


The Two Receiver system is designed to install Receiver #1 with Video Village with its ultra gain antenna , and Receiver #2 to connect with your Focus Puller's monitor station.


Or you can Use the Two receivers to link together for some unusually long tracking shot


Boxx Atom also makes the Boxx Atom "Lite" which is similar the Terradek "sidekick" but To have Two Hi Gain Receivers makes this kit more versatile- and with the small size of the Boxx Atoms Receiver with their double sided A/B gold mounts- connecting it to an AC's Monitor Station is easy


(AR_01S)ATOM Receiver #1 includes NINE CHANNELS w/GOLD MOUNTS on Both sides, the Hi Gain Antena (ANT 505), an A/C 12v power supply , TWO SETS of Antennas , and several Power cable options : Power cable from 4 pin XLR, gold mount batteries, or A/C, also includes an Atom programming cable for computer downloadable upgrades, and an audio cable that the transmitter can use to transmit audio. Also comes with a C-stand mount, BOXX BNC to BNC cable and soft padded wrap


(AR-01S) ATOM Receiver #2 includes NINE CHANNELS w/ GOLD MOUNTS on both sides, Two Sets of Spare Antennas , power from XLR, or A/C, and same audio out inputs. C-Stand Mount, Boxx BNC, and soft case


The kit includes a Peilcan 1610 rolling case with lid organizer -


This kit cost over $15,000.00 new


asking $11,785.00 --------- EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com

















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highly recommend this system.

if anyone hasnt tried the atom, this system rules. rock solid signal, stupid simple to use. i burned through teradeks and wont ever buy another, but ive done some soccer fields with the atom and also probably 150' or more doing car-to-car work without a blip.



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I second this. Have done two features now with this system and the ability to change channels easily, and the durability of the signal through studio walls, on location, in concrete basements, is unreal. I wouldn't do another show without these. Even dealing with signal loss is noticeably better, it is a more gradual degradation as you lose signal as opposed to just a complete dropout.


I hope someone buys this, it is a fantastic price too!

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