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*NEW* Anton/Bauer battery coming at CineGear Expo...

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Hi Everyone,


It's been a while since I last posted, but just wanted to let you all know that a new battery from Anton/Bauer will be released at CineGear Expo....stay tuned for more information and I hope to see you at the Show!



Paul Dudeck

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Anton/Bauer has released the XT series of batteries today. Please be sure to stop by and see them at CineGear Expo tomorrow....!!!




99wh battery that is smaller than the current DIONIC HC, has a PowerTap and USB connector and a lot of other cool features including a backlit LCD...



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Anybody tried the new XT Batteries yet? What's the verdict?

I am in the market to replace and/or add to my current HC's...

The Cine version is just to "out of shape" to be considered or I would have to change all my cases!

They would have worked great with my old PRO Lite though!

I saw them at this years Cinec in Munich, but the Anton Bauer booth was small to say the least.


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