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Thorsten Alt

G70x issue

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Dear forum,

I just got back my G70x from repair.

The link pivot (connection screw between ride- and lift-knob, upper arm segment, please see fotos attached) broke on set while performing a lock-off shot. No extreme forces.

Camera setup was an Alexa Mini (Ultra Prime, battery, Cine Measure, Teradeck). It was a wrap for the Steadicam.

Earlier this night I did some shots from a quad, surely the arm was forced more on these shots, but it didn't get any hard strokes or anything.


Did this issue come up anywhere else?


The feedback I received from Tiffen was not very enlightened.


Things can get broken (in this case it should not, in my opinion) and you can call it bad luck.

But I desperatley would like to know, what the chances are, this might happen again.

It's most unfortunate, if you can't continue shooting and I need to figure out, if I keep my old Silver Spring arm as a backup and have it with me when shooting in the future.


Thanks to Betz Tools for the kind service!!!


Would be very thankful for any useful comments.







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