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Amy Creighton

Steadicam Aero 15

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Hello, a quick question. I am planning to buy the aero 15 for my Red scarlet w. Total weight is jus over 5kg, would the aero fly this ok? Seems like such a big jump in price to go to the 30 when I am just over the weight?!

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Hello Amy !


I would really advise you to buy the Aero30 instead of the 15 (or a used Zephyr, much better). If you plan to fly a Red scarlet w, the 15 won't be enough. Maybe that you are just over 5kg NOW, but if one day you want to add a bigger lens, or a mattebox, or any accessories, you're beaten.


Another solution would be to buy the Aero 15 for now, and mayber later, just change the arm to the A-30 (as the only difference between Aero 15 and Aero 30 is the arm). But I would not do that if I were you.


Cheers !

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