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Steadicam ULTRA 1 Full package for sale


This is a fantastic Steadicam ultra package, It comes with everything you need to operate onset. Preston, Teradek 300, ultraBrite2 monitor, and a large amount of hardware and tools.

The ultra series set the bar high and has never let me down.

The Vest is in good condition. It’s light and unobtrusive and works well with the body. It comes with its own vest bag and a case for easy transport.

The UltraBRITE2 monitor displays HDSDI, HD component and composite video. - every format you need, directly. It’s very bright 8.4” monitor @1400 nits – perfect for daylight viewing. Anti-reflective coatings won’t burn out your eyeballs if you happen to catch a reflection from the sun or a big light.The Ultra2 monitor mount is strong, easy to flip for low mode, and boasts a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally.

The Preston included with this rig is a very comprehensive kit, comprised of MDR2 and and HU2 which uses the Omnishot battery adapter for the HU2. Uses Sony style FM50 batteries. It has a large array of batteries and cables and all come housed in a laser cut case.
8 Steadicam Power Cube batteries and 2 IDX chargers housed in a laser cut thermodynamic case.


Tera dek bolt 300 video link system


The following is the full inventory list and case weights


1. (U1) SLED .

25 KG: 300mm(D) x 550mm(W) x 865mm(L)

1 x Ultra1 Steadicam Sled (#09020001) (Mod:252-0000)

1 x UltraBrite HD Monitor (#000177)

2 x .625” Monitor Rods

1 x Preston MDR-2 (#1285) & Transceiver Lid (#MT-1694)

1 x Top Stage Remote


2. (U1) VEST AND ARM .

24 KG: 400mm(D) x 430mm(W) x 750mm(L)

1 x Ultra1 Vest & Carry Bag (#06020072)

1 x Ultra1 Iso-Elastic Arm & Carry Bag (Mod:2527200) (#07020012)

1 x Sled Docking/Balance Bracket

1 x Hill Standby Cover & Bag

3. (U1) SET-CASE .

22 KG: 260mm(D) x 430mm(W) x 660mm(L)

1 x Preston FI+Z II Hand Unit & Neck Strap (#2624) & Antenna (#49694)

2 x Preston DM-2 Digital Motors (#2817) (#2819)

1 x Preston DM-1 Digital Motor (#1830)

10 x Preston Focus Scale Marker Rings

3 x Sony (Preston) Batteries (#NP-QM71D)


1 x 0.80M Output Gear

1 x 0.60M Gear (Fujinon) (Video, Focus, Zoom)

1 x 0.50M Gear (Canon) (Video, Zoom, Focus)

1 x 0.40M Gear (Fujinon) (Video, Iris)

1 x 48 Pitch Gear (Panavision Zoom)

1 x 64 Pitch Gear (Panavision Iris)

Set of Gear Screws


4 x (3/8) Camera Screws

4 x (1/4) Camera Screws

4 x (3/8) – (1/4) Thread Adapters

2 x Low Mode Gimbal Screws

6 x Weight-Plate Thumb-Screws

Assorted Spare Screws

1 x Ultrabrite HD Monitor Sunshade

2 x long Camera Mounting Plates

1 x Slanted F-Bracket


(U1-1) Ultrabrite LCD Monitor Cable

(U1-2) Ultrabrite LCD Monitor Cable

(U1-3) LW BNC (800mm)

(U1-4) LW BNC (800mm)

(U1-5) LW BNC (800mm)

(U1-6) LW BNC (800mm)

(U1-7) LW BNC (400mm)

(U1-8) LW BNC (400mm)


1 x 2-N-1 Motor Mount

1 x Arri Iris Rod Clamp

1 x Dogbone (19mm/15mm) & 3.5” 15mm Rod

2 x 7” 15mm Motor Rods

1 x 3.5” 15mm Motor Rod

1 x Gold (5/8) Spigot


2 x 19mm PAM Swing Arms

2 x 15mm PAM Swing Arms

3 x PAM Standard Clamps

2 x PAM Off-Set Clamps

2 x Blue Preston (19mm/15mm) Spacers

3 x 3” 15mm Motor Rods

(U1) TOOLS -

1 x Bondhus Metric Allen Keys

1 x Bondhus Imperial Allen Keys

1 x Large Flat-Head Screw-Driver

1 x (4mm) Flat-Head Screw-Driver

1 x (No.1) Phillips Screw-Driver

1 x (No.2) Phillips Screw-Driver

1 x Tape Measure

1 x Dual Level

1 x Scissors


1 x Monitor Rain-Cover

1 x Lower Sled Rain-Cover

2 x Arm Rain-Covers

4. (U1) HARDWARE .

26 KG: 220mm(D) x 475mm(W) x 660mm(L)

1 x Scaff-Clamp Hard Mount (NZ)

3 x Weight-Plates & Dovetail Clamp

1 x Omnishot (Preston) Dual Charger

(U1-3) 1 x Omnishot Charger Power Cable

(U1-4) 1 x Omnishot Car Charger Power Cable

1 x 1/4” T-Hex Tool


(U1-1) 24V Sony

(U1-2) 24V Sony

(U1-3) 24V Arri (250-0093)

(U1-4) 24V Arri (250-0093)

(U1-5) 12V Arri (250-0045)

(U1-6) 12V Arri (250-0045)

(U1-7) 12V Red (800-0106)

(U1-8) 12V Epic

(U1-9) 24V Amira

(U1-10) 12V Genesis Dual-Battery Plate Cable (1.8m)


(U1-1) Arriflex & Moviecam 3-Pin (4521)

(U1-2) MDR2/PV Genesis (4533)

(U1-3) Sony VTR (4435)

(U1-4) MDR2-Epic (4546)

(U1-5) Red Digital (4543)


(U1-1) Preston MDR-2 Power Cable

(U1-2) Preston MDR-2 Power Cable

(U1-3) Preston Motor Cable

(U1-4) Preston Motor Cable

(U1-5) Preston Motor Cable


(U1-6) 24V (Panavision) MDR-2 Power Cable (4472)

(U1-7) 24V (Arri/Moviecam + 24VDC) - (3 Pin RS) MDR-2 Power Cable (4499)

(U1-8) D-Tap - MDR-2 Power Cable


(U1-1) HD Monitor RGB/Data (252-0116)

(U1-2) HD Monitor RGB/Data (252-0116)

(U1-3) HD/SDI Video Cable (Camera/Sled) (252-7922)

(U1-4) STD BNC (2m)


1 x Gimbal Remote Battery

2 x Lower-Sled Fuses

2 x Monitor Fuses

2 x Accessory Dovetail Plates

1 x Preston Iris Marker Plate

1 x Set of Preston Antennas

1 x Arm-Post Spring Clamp

1 x Docking Collar

2 x Vest Clamps

1 x Cable Connectors

1 x Tiffen Sled Tension String


1 x (3.5mm) Flat-Head Screw-Driver

1 x (No.0) Phillips Screw-Driver

4 x Jewellers Screw-Drivers

1 x 3/8 Ring Spanner

1 x Locktite

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x 8” Crescent

1 x Genesis Dual-Battery Plate

1 x 1ft Arm Post & Locking Collar


20 KG: 245mm(D) x 290mm(W) x 580mm(L)

8 x IDX Power-Cube Batteries

2 x IDX Simultaneous Quick Chargers (Mod:VL-4S)(#K2-06809) (#K2-07422)

(U1-1) IDX Quick Charger Power Cable

(U1-2) IDX Quick Charger Power Cable


66. (U1) VIDEO-LINK .

6 KG: 160mm(D) x 320mm(W) x 410mm(L)

1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Transmitter (#720003651)

1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Receiver with V-Lock Battery Mount (#72501354G)

1 x Tera Dek Bolt 300 HD Receiver (Spare) (#72500419G)


(U1-1) Tera Dek - Hirose Power Cable

(U1-2) Tera Dek - 12V Arri Power Cable

(U1-3) Tera Dek - (3-Pin RS) Power Cable

(U1-4) Tera Dek - (Panavision) Power Cable

(U1-5) Tera Dek - D-Tap Power Cable

(U1-6) Tera Dek - (240V) Mains Adapter


Various (BNC/RCA) Connectors

7. (U1) STAND .

10 KG: 250mm(D) x 250mm(W) x 1200mm(L)

1 x Steadicam Sled Stand




Our Purchase price is (USD) $28,000.00.

We are happy to ship world wide at purchasers expense. These costs will be worked out depending on buyers location.

All listings are sold as is, where is.

Happy to answer any questions and provide any more detailed information or photos

This listing is also listed elsewhere

Equipment listed in New Zealand.











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