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For all Vests and all Arms- a problem-solver !!

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A problem-solving piece for the kit.
The Problem: No matter what brand of rig/ arm/ sled combination, there are times when the arm blocks the upper right area of the monitor or is always in danger of tapping the corner of the monitor. Or BOTH.
I've always wanted to resolve this. A while back I did. Operators seem to be finding it very useful. The A.R.M. ( Arm Repo Mount ) shifts your socket block and arm over three inches / 7.62 cm. This clears your view and stops the arm from possible tapping against your monitor.
It fits every single vest on the market that makes use of the "classic 6 holes" pattern for the socket block. Below find it shown on both the Tiffen Exovest and the GPI PRO vest. The kit comes with 8 hardened steel machine screws. The A.R.M. is crafted from 6061-T Aircraft grade aluminum and has stainless steel Helicoil inserts for the threaded holes.
If you've always wanted to have your arm feel like it wasn't in the way, here's the solution. They ship worldwide and are $ 225.00 USD + International Shipping costs. Customers in the lower 48 States get USPS shipping with the purchase.
Email me if you want one ! peter@steadicamproductionservices.com
Best to all,

Peter Abraham, S.O.C.


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