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Looking for allen bolt for old Pro 1 Grip

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Hi I have an older Pro grip which has an allen bolt to tighten it. The allen key socket was rounded off so I asked our local Pro agent to replace it. They have replaced it with a 9/64 allen bolt, but I need a 5/32 allen bolt as otherwise i need to carry around two allen keys. I had no luck with Pro (Out of date model) does anyone know where I can get a 1/2" long #8 UNF bolt with a 5/32 socket cap, as all I can find is the same standard bolt size (9/64 cap and #8 UNF)

I may need to get a bolt made by a machinist (the bolt I had looked to be home made) but hoping someone has a source




Rory in London

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Hi Rick thanks for thinking of me, I have to shout out a massive thankyou to Jens Piotrowski who dug out a new old stock screw from his treasure trove and sent it to me over the pond. What a gent ! Fitted it yesterday, beautiful.



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