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Tom Swiss

Do you hang your Arm on a C-Stand

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I used to hang my Steadicam Zephyr arm through the O-ring around the aircraft pin over the stud on the docking bracket. It fell off and bent the aircraft pin; not a good solution.


If you hang your Steadicam on the same c-stand of the docking bracket, how do you do it? Any photos on the internet? I only come up with guys wearing the Zephyr.

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Hi Tom,


The Zephyr arms usually come with a webbing loop around the aircraft pin - see the red vertical line in the attached picture. I've also seen folks attach a loop through the bottom circle, highlighted in the picture with the red circle.


While I usually put my G-50x arm on my cart if it's nearby, if I'm working off my rolling stand, I hang it. I use a spare Domke lens wrap around the stand to cushion it where the arm touches so it doesn't get dinged up when it's moved.


Happy flying!




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