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all around good camera, but no flip and flop! so no low mode unless you mount the camera like a film camera.

also, if you are using the wooden camera cage, then beware of static electricity, especially when using dance floor on dolly. if you walk on the dance floor then touch a camera accessory, you will blow the fuse. ive done it about a half dozen times this month. the DBox has a thermally resetting fuse, so it will reset, but its annoying.

weight is great for steadicam. use 12v through your sled into the DBox using and Anton Bauer plate and youre set! at least thats how im running it.

not great for handheld, as it is very front heavy, so i use a shark fin on the back to double up on heavy batteries.

also, use HCX batteries if you can. The camera burns through HC batteries. Cine150s are also good.

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sony hasn't released firmware with any sensor flip or flop, so you can only shoot in a conventional orientation. if you want to shoot in low mode, you need to mount your plate to the top of the camera, unless you're outputting to video village through a decimator (or other).



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