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Fox Afriano

Zhiyun Crane Plus fails to connect to PC and smartphone. Help!

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Hello, I have the gimbal from 2 days and it is the first time I will use a gimbal. Can anyone tell me why my smartpone fails to connect with the Zhiyun Crane Plus through the Bluetoot? I downloaded Zy Play. Yet the Bluetoot is enabled and the gimbal is powered. But it even fails to connect to the PC with the cable. I downloaded the windows program from the official website. The file is called CH341SER_Setup.exe. But I believe it is not a program but only the driver. I installed it in my PC and then I connected the gimbal to the PC via the cable but nothing happens. Why? What should I do? I hope someone helps me because I can not even understand / see how to choose the GH5 in the Zhiyun Crane. Thanks for some info.

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