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Selling my first rig. Great way to get into Steadicam. I just used this rig to shoot a union feature film in Atlanta and the Dead & Company Live in Boulder, CO.


PLEASE NOTE: I bought this rig with issues and have fixed many of them...however, there is still video drop out from time to time (in order to combat this I run a low profile HD-SDI cable from camera straight to my monitor when working). The rig needs a new Lemo post cable and a new interior port for the top stage. The cable can be purchased from Greg Bubb for $1100 or other retailers. The port can be purchased from Alpine Electronics for $150. Terry West can do the install of the port. I am taking the cost of these repairs into consideration when selling the rig.


Rig includes:

- Gold Series Sled

- Gold Series Vest

- Gold Series Arm (38lb. payload)

- Gold Series Docking bracket (this thing is super solid)

- Low Mode brackets (2)

- Jerry Hill Posts 8", 10", & Jerry Hill Post Clamp

- Cam Jam Quattro monitor bracket w/SmallHD 702 AB Mounting kit (lower post fitting ring & Universal Backup Monitor Mount included)

- Small HD 702 DayBright (this thing has nearly 3 years left of drops and spills coverage from B&H)

- Pelican 1200 case (for SmallHD)

- Small HD LP-E6 to DTap power cable

- Gold Series Monitor Bracket

- Nebtek NEB70HDS Monitor

- Decimator LX

- (2) 4Pin Lemo to Micro USB power cables (for Decimator)

- (2) 4Pin Lemo to DTap Breakout Boxes (for powering accessories)

- (7) AB Proformer Batts & Quad Charger (some need recell)

- (2) dovetail plates (one for smaller and one for larger cameras)

- Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket (for mounting focus/iris motors) (I even rigged them to a studio standard spaced 15mm bracket and mounted a

Jerry Hill Preston Paddle underneath)

- a myriad of sled power cables for different cameras

- a few HD-SDI cables

- (2) Pelican 1650 cases with custom cutout foam



- 2" post


- upgraded to aluminum Kipp crank handles & cam levers for the sled

- extra lumbar padding and crossing back straps added to the Vest


I am hoping to sell as an entire package...

$8500 OBO

Buyer pays shipping


Jake Butler


(805) 453-3727







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