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Bryan Trieb SOC

***MINT Condition*** Preston Kit

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Mint Condition Preston Kit
Never Sub rented, lightly used only with Steadicam, kept in amazing condition.
Anyone who knows me can vouch for the condition in which I keep all my gear.

Kit includes:
1. HU3 serial #1909
2. F/I unit serial #1623
3. MDR-2 serial #2387
4. DM1-X Motor serial #3513
5. DM2 Motor serial #5183
6. Jerry Hill PAM motor brackets x3
7. Small single battery chargers x2
8. Sony NP-QM71D Batteries x2
NP-FM50 Batteries x5
9. HU3 pre-marked focus rings x6
(Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei, 1 blank)
10. F/I unit focus rings. Blank x2
11. Red rod collars (19-5/8) x2
12. Blue rod collars (19-15) x2
13. Padded neck strap for HU3
14. MDR-2 mounting brackets x2
(One for 19/15mm rod, one for 1/4-20)
15. Preston Motor gear pitch x5
(64, .50M canon video, 48, .60)
16. Preston Motor cables 2ft, 2x90deg connectors x2
17. Preston Motor cables 2ft 1x90deg connector x2
18. Run/Stop cables- Arri 2ft
- Sony F55 2ft
- Red Epic (bnc version)
19. MDR-2 power cable from ARRI body
20. MDR-2 power cable to male P-tap
21. P-tap male to P-tap female 2ft
22. ARRI body iris rod mount 2 19mm
23. Jerry Hill PAM extender bracket
24. Cinetape cable $$$$
25. Cable wallet for all cables
26. Pelican Storm iM2720 case with custom insert by Innerspace

Kit is currently in Toronto, Canada.
All firmware updates done by Phil Cremer in Toronto
MDR-2 upgrade to Blue Dot can be done by Phil Cremer before shipping.
Not breaking up the kit. To be sold as a complete package.
Buyer pays Shipping

$15 500.00 USD

Email: steadi.og@gmail.com











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