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Complete unit – LIKE NEW including :

realtoreel (at) skynet.be
Remote controller
1x 8’ cable
1x 25’ cable
1x 50’ cable
regarding shipment costs, please inquire: realtoreel@skynet.be
Please check this link, and you will see the price I am asking is a kind of a bargain for the one really looking for such a tool !
The total value of this item is reaching $ 5300 (+/- € 4500)



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All my prices are in EURO

I am located in Europe (Belgium, Brussels)
In order to ship to you, if you are outside the EEC, I would need a FedEx account number in order to pay import taxes (D&T), if applicable in your country.
Regarding shipment I can quote you a shipment using FedEx IP or Economy (if applicable) and you would benefit from my very big discount with them
Goods need to be prepaid prior to despatch
If you prefer to pay with PayPal, this item is also for sale on eBay.com
The item you are looking for is really NEAT … it was mine, used only a very few times
Best regards
Philippe Piron
1st assistant camera / Focus Puller
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Yes the unit receives power and and from the main display from your CineTape. There are no more cables needed.
As you might know, it's also a good mean to LIMITE the range of your CineTape sensor, setting NEAR and FAR measurements


I am not checking this website every days... for any emergencies, order confirmation, and further requests please send email direct to realtoreel@skynet.be which i check all days. thanks !

It might also be so that it's sold on e-bay or via other brokers prior to my reading on this website ! ...

it would be very unfortunate !


best regards,


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... using a remote crane ! I have been using it several times, and I was so happy I had it because it has been a must ... also setting up Far/near distances is a must when you are shooting in hallways (with walls disturbing "near" distances) or over-the-shoulder measurements, or 2 actors facing each-other, or set furniture being measured and not needed in your foreground/background, close to actors ... The price I am selling it is a bargain regarding the new-item from C.E.sales price !

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I understand your point, but Id hardly call needing to set up parameters on the Cinetape a must. Ive never been able to do so with my basic Cinetape. Id say the most important thing about pulling focus with the assistance of a Cinetape (as with the original Panatape) is to have the experience to know when to trust the number being given.


If a focus puller needs the exact number displayed to him at all times, then that person should concentrate more on developing his skills. The Cinetape is only another helpful tool and should not be a crutch. Ive always viewed it as just a helpful bonus, not as a necessity. When youre shooting, you should be able to tell at a glance if the number being shown is your actors face, or the foreground actors shoulder, or the microphone, just above the actors head. These are all possibilities with the Cinetape. You just have to know which number is the right one.


Thanks for your help. I know its a good price, I just cant justify the expense given how I use my Cinetape.

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