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Adjusting the Archer 2 Gimbal

Matthias Bender

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Hello community,

I have a question for all experts and Archer2 owner:


Do you know, how to adjust the Gimbal using the screws on top? I mentioned zwo types of screws:


1) the screws closing with the top of the Gimbal




2) the screws dissapearing in the holes between the others


Do you have any idea, what these are for and how to adjust the Gimbal with them?


Thanks a lot!




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No! it's done with the trunnions.. one on each side. There's a procedure to test for centering, and also to center it. Not too tough but maybe better if the dealer did it?

I haven't done an Archer in a long time... don't remember the exact steps, which is why I suggest your dealer do it.

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