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Quinn Lawrence-Sanderson

Steadicam Lessons/Instructors in Austin TX area?

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To start off, I understand that this is a really specific question that probably wont help many other people, but Ive done everything else I can to find steadicam teachers in Austin, from researching online to consulting a teacher at the Department of Radio-Televison-Film at UT Austin, sadly to no avail.


Im in high school and I discovered that I have a passion for steadicam operating. My school is fortunate enough to own a Scout, and Ive been using it for several months. Im to the point where (even though Im not very good right now,) I am seriously considering perusing a future career as a steadicam operator.

Unfortunately there is only so much I can learn from solo practice, and I have been on the hunt for any local instructors or the like. Im too young to attend any workshops (and they would require traveling during school), not to mention the cost.

Anyways, if anybody here knows someone who teaches steadicam in or near Austin, TX, or just an operator who might be up for teaching, it would mean a lot to have their contact info.


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Your best bet would be to make a day trip to LA and take a lesson with Greg Smith at @SteadicamLessons. Flights from Austin to LA aren't to expense and Greg is pretty affordable for all the information he has. I am from Houston but thankfully I have had the opportunity to be out here in LA for work during the summer. I have had 4 or 5 lessons with Greg and I have learned so much. Even after my first lesson I felt like my operating really went to the next level.

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