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Alan G. Kelly

Microforce bracket for Arrihead MK1

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Looking for a bracket the would make use of the slider rail on the right side of an Arrihead to hold a microforce zoom control when not in use.


Bearing in mind that certain shots obviously need to be performed on a fluid head I'd love hear other ops techniques and tricks with respect to using wheels whilst using a zoom control.



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It fits well in-between the bottom of camera and top plate of the head. I don't have a photo but if you're looking at the back of the camera the microforce cable goes off to the right and the handle just lies down horizontally in there. You can put hard side velcro on both sides to stop it slipping around. As for operating, it's always a bit awkward, but I just hold the wheel handle between my pinkie and ring finger, then operate the microforce with the other fingers and thumb as usual.





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