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Gus Trivino

VEXIS Video Wireless

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My personal opinion. I don't know Vaxis personally, but I would assume it is another Hollyland OEM product rebadged by Vaxis. I have the Cinegears version. They're all the same inside, Amimon board. The electronics work, but there is a question of how well shielded the electronics are and how good their support is. In the case of Cinegears, I can tell you that the support is nonexistent.

I would never buy another Cinegear product. While their products are thousands of dollars cheaper than more reputable brands, if you ever have any problems, you're on your own. While the US support team is generally nice, they're utterly useless.

If their support was better, I could happily recommend them as the product does work. Now, whether or not Vaxis is a rebadge is unknown to me, but my best guess is that it is.

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