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Martijn Lembeck

MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor 2200 Nits

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A couple of years ago I bought a 7" Teletest CyclopsHD High Bright HD-SDI Steadicam monitor which I stumbled onto online. It was on sale for about € 700,- ex VAT at Teletest. The brilliant idea I had was to replace the analog standard monitor on my Steadicam Scout, which was unusable outside.


The resolution on that Teletest monitor however turned out to be just aweful, I could not tell if anything was in focus or not, and the colours were all over the place. And there was no access to a menu (only in the factory I was told). Pretty disappointing all together for a monitor which was normally priced around € 1.100,- ex VAT.


So I have been looking around for a nice steadicam monitor for a very long time. But I don't fly my rig every day, therefore a lot of high brightness (steadicam) monitors cost many thousands of euros and are way beyond my budget.


But............. today I upgraded my Steadicam Scout with a 7" MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor. And I'm really amazed how well this monitor performs in full direct sunlight. No sunhood needed here.


The monitor is 2200 Nits (!!!) 1920x1200, 3GSDI in+loop out, HDMI in+loop out. Very good build and image quality, coloraccuracy, sharpness and has focus assist, false color, zebra, markers, histogram, H/V mirror and more.

The only thing it doesn't have is a virtual horizon. But my Sony FS7 has a (somewhat acceptable, sort of) horizon in it.


And.......(drumroll please) the monitor is only around € 500,- ex VAT here in the Netherlands. I also bought the V-mount plate for it for about € 30,- ex VAT.


So I must say that, as a not-daily-flying-Steadicam-Operator, after a day of testing I'm more than happy with it. I'm excited for my coming steadicam gig next week !!!





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It's a good cheap monitor. I bought one as a back up and director's monitor and it also seems very solid. My only problem with it is that if you put an AB battery plate on the back, the SDI in and out are completely blocked by the battery. (At least with my Dionic HC)

I had to mount the battery plate on a cheese plate and attach the cheese plate to the monitor with dual lock. That gave enough clearance to put a 90° connector to the SDI ports.

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I do not agree. I tried the monitor but I was not satisfied. First, the quality of the construction is not good, especially the keys. According to the monitor has a problem of refreshing the panel, every 2/3 seconds loses some frames, also has a big problem of jittering on the color.


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