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Emidio Valereto Neto

The newest in love with the world of steadicam

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Hi guys,


First of all I would like to thank you for accepting me in this group. I am very happy to be part of this great family of Steadicam lovers. So, let me introduce myself. My name's Emidio, I'm originally from Brazil but actually I live in Dublin since 2015.


Since I started in this area I always dreamed and wanted to be a steadicam operator. I had the honor of working and seeing some masters of this art closely, which only increased my desire to one day become like them.


I already work as a camera operator but I always wanted to learn about steadicam. Like every beginner, I have several doubts about the world of Steadicam. Some of them I was able to clarify by reading some topics in this forum.


if you could give me some honest advice, what would it be? How to start? How to stand out? How do you manage to steady yourself as a steadicam operator in such a competitive market?


I'm very excited to dive headlong into this world of steadicam. Every day I read something about, I watch something about Steadi. I'm pretty excited!


I hope next year to be able to participate in a tiffen workshop so that I can take the first steps towards achieving this dream.


I will be very grateful to anyone who can contribute to my work.


Thank you guys!


Let's fly!



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Start with a rig and a workshop. Show those in your market you're serious. Get some practice time in and start talking to those in your market.


Assuming you're reasonable, intelligent operator, who shows a desire and aptitude for the device, you'll make friends.


Once you've "stuck with the process" of getting into Steadicam others will see that and you'll gain their confidence.


Now, at some point they'll be busy or have some lo-budget project and your name will come up.


Your marketing yourself will also help.


They'll suggest you.


Now begins the process of growing in the market. Its not predictable nor specific, but if you stick with it as you get better and better the jobs will begin.


Good luck and its the same process you went through to get to be a camera operator in your market.



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Thanks Janice for the advise. I have been using a small glide cam set up for a few years, and have been a union on set dresser for 18.5 years. Took a bronze class 2 years ago. Been trying to get into camera and it's hard, but i'm persistent, I am now going to moving up to an Archer 2 unit! I think you are totally correct on how to move up and get work in this field.

Thanks again!

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