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Kevin Kisling

What to do with personal belongings on set OPing? (Keys, phone, wallet)

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Hey everyone!


I've been keeping my phone, keys, wallet in my pockets when I'm shooting, but sometimes it feels like too much. But leaving them in my bags seems risky, bags get moved around, and it feels weird to leave those items unattended.


Does anyone have better solutions?



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Finally, a question I've thought about for decades, and raised with camera department members who looked at me in disbelief and never responded.


I never carried a purse because it signaled to the bad guys "Here are the valuables, all nicely ready for you to take."


I would stash a wallet or small bag in my vest bag, hidden compartment; maybe even under a back up t-shirt.


In recent times, cargo shorts could carry a wallet in a pants pocket and not as a "wallet" guys would carry.


I would always go in a hidden compartment that seemed, unlikely for valuables; cable cases, unlikely to be needed that day, but not easily found in a case or picked up from the top of a cart.


Seldom in a car in the parking lot, under the seat, because in the event of an emergency you'll need it and your insurance info,, so nearby on set.


For those who had my back, I'd let them know where it was if I an accident might happen.


ICE (in case of emergency) phone numbers on your phone and readily available was also in there or available on the phone.



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