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Jason Skidmore

Suggestions for combating extreme sweat?

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I've searched here but so far haven't seen any discussion regarding this...so wanted to see if anyone had suggestions.


I'm a noob to steadicam - always been fascinated/curious about it but it was only within the last 6 months or so (after someone I know bought a rig) that I was able to start getting some hands-on with one - a very humbling experience.


Now to the main part of my question. I'm sure that it's due to a combination of the additional weight, movement, and lack of airflow beneath the vest - I find even after a short 10-20 minute session I get extraordinarily sweaty. I get fairly sweaty when doing normal handheld work, too - I think my body just likes to stay cool, but with the whole steadicam rig on it's a different ball game. (I should also mention this is all indoors in an air-conditioned space).


Aside from downing some ice water right before, during & after / and having extra shirts - does anyone have suggestions on keeping cool or managing excessive sweat?

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I keep a bag of fresh shirts on the truck, and use a product called “Vapor Fresh” to keep my vest from getting up and walking away on it’s own. Georgia heat & humidity are a bitch even before you put the rig on.

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Whether you have extraordinary amount of sweat or not is really hard to judge. Over the history quite a few ops have thought they sweated more than most, who knows.


Most people do what you do and learn to just change their shirts often.


Other tips;

At some point work up to an EXOvest which has fewer contact points and would allow you to wick away water more easily.

Wrist bands (terry cloth) that soak up sweat running down your arms that keep your hands dry/dryer.

Towels, around your neck to soak up sweat that you change often (usually a pain that you forget about or just wipe off when you get back to the stand. Towels at the stand are always a good idea.)

Air drying the vest overnight so that you get a dry vest every day. (Don't put away a wet vest, lots of bad when you open it up again.)


You can do all the silica in the vest bag, etc. but frankly after a busy week or two and you're tired most ops forget about the silica and it looses its value. Also silica in a high humidity environment may take more moisture from the air than your vest.


Try everything and see what works, mainly its learn to love the sweat and have fun with it and a towel.


As for cooling, on really hot days, when you're just hot in the suit, pouring ice water down your back with the vest on, is great and it kind of rinses out some nasty stuff. The foam will dry out and its already soaked with sweat, not a problem.


Its fun to tell your AC and see their expression, "you want me to pour this down your back?"


Good luck.



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what works for me. I wear layers. I wear long sleeve light cotton shirt and a dickies or Columbia shirt sleeve fishing shirt over that. I try not to let the first sweat of the day evaporate of my skin. I don't expose any parts of my arms or torso to the sun. that keeps my sweat undercontrol until lunch break, then I change. from the waist down, thats another thing. Give Tommy Jones underwear a try. go full synthetic. money well spent there. and I use Columbia shorts. ventilation is key for the undercarriage. happy flying

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I use moisture wicking long sleeve shirts all year and I just got full length compression leggings, Adidas alpha skin, they have UV protection and help cool as well and then just shorts on top of that. 


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