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henry Landgrebe

180 degree VR K1 camera on Pro Rig

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Hi Everyone,


I hope your all well where ever you may be in the world.


I have an interesting one and would love some input. Ive got a job coming up where they want me to put a tiny 180 degree VR camera on rig. The camera is no bigger that a go pro ( see link below)




so I was thinking that it would have to go at the end of a long plate( so as not to see feet/rig) Then i would have to weight up with a weight block. I have a Pro set up with Cine Live Pro and Pro Arm.


It would be great to hear from anyone who has done this sort of thing before. Or if you had any ideas/suggestions of how to do it. I have not tested with the Camera yet and the job is not till end of November, So early days....


Thanks a lot



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