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12v/24v dummy battery

Jasper Van Gheluwe

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Hey guys,


Couple days ago I talked with a friend to make a dummy V-lock battery which should be able to power both 24v and 12v. Just like the sled, there should be a switch in it that changes the way the pins work.


I didn't know the two were so different until someone on Facebook made the remark. It was very interesting to talk about, but I'm also curious if anyone else tried it.


Maybe someone can share some experience? It's very difficult to find technical information on V-lock plates on the internet.


Thanks in advance!

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Some of our clients use our XLR Power Adapter for Intersex Plate (https://mediablackout.net/products/xlr-power-adapter-for-intersex-plate)with 24V out on their sled. We also make Gold Mount Battery Eliminators that can be wired for 24V (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl4OrrzHX11/).


Obviously, you'll really want to keep track of a cable that is wired for 24V that terminates to 4-pin XLR or a GM/VM battery eliminator, but it's an easy solution.



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