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Jared Deer

Vehicle Safety Gear

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Hello all,


I am currently looking into purchasing gear for hard mounting (such as the WK vehicle mount).


I was also going to purchase something along the lines of a Miller Titan Body Belt w/ D-Ring for operating on vehicles where I can hook in for safety (of course).


Would anyone have recommendations on a tethering cable? I have some ideas but would first seek some other ops opinions.


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Hey Jared!


The WK vehicle mount is very well made and great for versatility since it has both a Mitchell mount and speed rail mount option.


As far as a harness and safety gear, I use this full-body climbing harness, and typically wear it backwards so I can be clipped in on my back. I also have this climbing harness, though I have never used it on a job since I always feel safer in the full-body version; I want my full torso secured rather than my bottom half only. I'm usually clipped in via thick webbing and and a strong carabiner clip meant for climbing. I carry several length loops and thicknesses of webbing in my kit, and lots of carabiners.


I also wear hard side skateboarding knee pads and a helmet (I use one from horseback riding, since the potential fall height and general speed is about the same - if we're going faster than a horse, I probably don't want to be doing that shot!). In addition to protection from falls, knee pads and helmets are also useful if your knees/head are near speed rail, knobs, or any other hard object that you could whack into while in motion.


Make sure you have something soft to wrap around a pole if you're leaning against it (like an India mount or speed rail), and a place for your feet. I carry a spool of thick webbing (easy to find at REI or marine supply store) that can be cut and tied off to use as stirrups in a pinch.


It's also good to have some vectran (check a marine supply store) for a very strong but thin rope to tie off the arm to keep it from bottoming out or extending past its intended reach - also useful to keep it secure before the sled goes on.


Finally, make sure you have a method of clear communication between you and the driver so you can communicate immediately if you need to stop in an emergency.


Happy (and safe) flying!



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Hey Lisa! 

Good to hear from you, hope you've been doing well since the workshop!

Thanks for the info, and do you have a recommendation on a safety line to hook in from the harness to a vehicle's anchor points?



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Hi Jared,

I've been well, I hope you're well too!

Check out this site, which a great key grip just told me about recently: www.fallprotectionpros.com. They have harnesses and lanyards and fall limiters that are all rated correctly in terms of what we'd be looking for. I've been meaning to reach out to them to learn more but haven't had a chance yet. At the very least, you want one of the lanyards that has the crinkled up part (for lack of better terminology) which will give a little slack in the event that the line comes into use. My key grip friend pointed out that if you have a line with no crinkle, you could end up breaking a bone due to the shock of the line with absolutely no give in it. Again, I would talk to a rep at that site before buying anything as they can best advise and explain.


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