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joe mcnally

HD line for Master series sled

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Hi All just checking if anybody able to give me some pointers as to the best way to get HD video down the post on a Master Sled

Ive been putting a new gimbal on the sled and as the tops off so thought it would be a good time to attempt it .

In my mind Ive a notion of just bypassing the VDA at the bottom of the sled and this might do it ?

Any help or advise appreciated

All best

Joe McNAlly

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Hi Joe. You should already have HD lines running down the post.

The Master was built with multiple coaxial lines. What you should do is disconnect the coax that goes to the 4-pin Hirose supplying Composite Video to the Monitor. You dont use the comp video much any more.

Since there isnt enough room in the front section for a true HD coax, you will need to wire to a comp vid BNC. You must keep this connection as short as possible. HD hates losing its coax orientation.

Next you need to find the other end of this coax and wire it to a BNC in the lower stage. That will be one of the three BNC connectors that will be replaced with an HD style BNC.

This procedure normally take about three hours for me to do. So with parts it usually runs about $500-$600.

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Hi Terry

that's extraordinarily kind of you to share the process.. its pretty much what I suspected but just needed some input so thanks a million

I'm going to look at how confident I'm feeling over the next few days and try to make a start

Your figures sound very very reasonable but its just the shipping back and forth that might be awkward for me but I will check those cost out and good to know for others who may consider this modification

Thanks again and hope alls good



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