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I have 2 x Slingshot HD transmitter systems for sale. Each kit comes with 1 transmitter and 2 receivers as well as an array of custom cables and Panels Antennas to boost reception. Used previously for both pulling focus and for DIT stations/video village, no lag time, great range and you can select different channels which is awesome! Originally paid $9850 USD, pricing to sell them ASAP:


$3000 USD each!




KITS divided into 2 Pelican Cases and INCLUDE:



SLINGSHOT CASE #1: Slingshot Transmitter x 1, Slingshot Receiver x 1, Antennas x 14, AC PWR Cables x 2, 4Pin XLR pwr cable x 1, 4Pin Hiroshi pwr cable2 x 3, jewelers screwdrivers x 2, Sony battery adapter plate x 1, Hot shoe brackets x 4, clamp brackets x 2, threaded knob x 1, mini noga arms x 3, Custom Pelican Case x 1,




PANEL ANTENNA CASE #1: Panel Antenna x 1, Slingshot Receiver x 1, AC PWR supply x 1, Custom Pelican Case x 1,







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