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Cedric Autier

Video Device Pix-E5

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Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to use a Video Device Pix-E5 as a recorder/low mode monitor?


I thought of it as I am looking for a recorder that could also double as lowmode monitor, but the fullHD screen is a bonus for me as I could also use it for pulling focus when I work as an AC.

I have never had the chance to use it outside except by night. I think daylight viewability would not be that good as it is only 500nits, but I could still use my primary monitor for lowmode in the sun.


Any Thought? Suggestions?


Thank you.

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I have the Pix E7 and think it's fantastic as an onboard monitor and recorder. The focus peaking isn't perfect and can give false positives (as most monitors can) so I tend to favour the touch screen zoom function. The built quality is excellent and the menus and interface are far better than any other onboard monitor IMO.


I have used it on Steadi a few times, and it is a nice size and weight (the 7" not the 5") but it has only been for interiors. It would probably struggle in bright sunlight, but I can't speak from experience on that.


Definitely try before you buy to see if you can rely on it for focus. For me, full HD doesn't mean much on a small 7" or 5" monitor as they are simply too small to see it.

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