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A&C POWERPOD CLASSIC - Compact Version

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Power Pod Classic Remote Head w/Case

(1) 150mm riser

(1) 300mm riser

Preston MDR Multiplexer Base

Preston Interface Box

(2) 50-foot Main Power Loom, 50-foot Pod Head Control and 2 x Video Cable Bundle (w Yellow, Red and Brown barrel connectors)

Pan/Tilt crank wheel boxes

(1) 50-foot Crank Wheel Extension Cable (Brown), (1) 3-foot Interconnect Cable (Brown) and (1) 2-foot Handle Cable (Gray)

Zapper with 2 x Cables

Controller/w 110/220v A/C Power Supply with AC Cable

3 pin 24v DC/AC Camera Power supply with AC Cable

(1) Crank Wheels/Controller Case (Mitchell mount on bottom of case for mounting to tripod)

(1) Cable/Accessories Case

AC/DC 9” Standard Def Monitor w/750 Yoke and Witness Camera


See full description URL below - Mention Black Friday Sale







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