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Aser Santos Jr.

Replacing MK-V Carbon Fiber Center Post

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Hello all,

I have an EFP rig with a 1.5" MK-V post, monitor mount, and battery hanger, with every other piece being EFP (gimbal, topstage, electronics).

I'd like to switch out the center post as it is rather long, and had a compatibility question. I know the 4-hole pattern is standard for most center posts/topstages, however I don't know how the lower electronics mount to the center post or if the diameter of the inner tube of the center post is standard so I may be able to use my monitor mount on another center post as it is clamped onto the inner tube.

Are there any specific measurements I should be looking for, or will most 1.5" center posts work with my current components?


Added: Outright getting a new sled may be an option in the farther future, unless I find myself in a Theseus situation.


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Hey Aser

I know that this is a long time coming but i just read it.

First off, great mythological reference!

I would start by getting a set of calipers, digital or analog. measure the outside diameter of the lower post. you will then know what to look for with your monitor mount. that being said, many monitor mount manufacturers have step-down rings in a variety of sizes. you can also have one made (sort of like this https://www.cinedynamics.com/collections/featured-collection/products/delrin-bushings-for-2-universal-clamp)

the mounting pattern for the lower electronics is likely to be the same as the upper electronics, as far as how it mounts to the post. you mentioned a 4-hole pattern, but i believe that is for the topstage to the electronics and should have no bearing on the post to electronics.

when purchasing a new center post, tell the manufacturer what kind of electronics you are running. for instance, XCS will make center posts for XCS and PRO electronics. you can also have custom lengths built by XCS.

Maybe MKV would be willing to cut down your post and reattach the mounts. i am having that done to one of my XCS posts.


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