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Aser Santos Jr.

Replacing MK-V Carbon Fiber Center Post

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Hello all,

I have an EFP rig with a 1.5" MK-V post, monitor mount, and battery hanger, with every other piece being EFP (gimbal, topstage, electronics).

I'd like to switch out the center post as it is rather long, and had a compatibility question. I know the 4-hole pattern is standard for most center posts/topstages, however I don't know how the lower electronics mount to the center post or if the diameter of the inner tube of the center post is standard so I may be able to use my monitor mount on another center post as it is clamped onto the inner tube.

Are there any specific measurements I should be looking for, or will most 1.5" center posts work with my current components?


Added: Outright getting a new sled may be an option in the farther future, unless I find myself in a Theseus situation.


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