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Mk-V V4 nexus with XCS Gimbal and Betz Topstage

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A used but good condition MK-V V4 Nexus with XCS Gimbal and Betz Top Stage.
The Gimbal has been used once since its full service from XCS. Its comes with a regular ergo and straight handle. The Top Stage is currently being serviced at Betz and will be back later in the week. I have two full sleds and enough parts to almost make a 3rd. Time to sell one. The only real blemish is a cosmetic scratch on the gimbal hand grip.
-MK-V V4 4-Stage 2”nexus Sled
- XCS gimbal with regular ergo and straight handle
- Betz-tools topstage
- Dovetail Plate with 15mm and 19mm Rods
- 1x Docking Brackets
- 1x Sled to 4pin XLR Cable
- 1x Monitor Cable
- 1 x Dual Rear battery plate
- 1x Single bottom Battery Plate
- 1x Sled Case KT PL-LW-97W
Located in Toronto, Canada $17,850 USD obo
Email me for more pics

20181123_110721_resized (480x640).jpg

20181123_110745_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_110803_resized (480x640).jpg

20181123_110816_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_110839_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_110855_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_110907_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_110921_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_112454_resized (640x480).jpg

20181123_112901_resized (480x640).jpg

Case (480x640).jpg

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